Values are like fingerprints.
Nobody’s are the same, but you leave
them all over everything you do.

– Elvis Presley –

Doing business
means for us
following certain
core values.


Our ambition to safeguard the soul of a project for the future is based on a strong sense of preservation. Respect is inherent to our specialty: the high-quality construction or modernization of our real estate projects, with the aim of adding sustainable value to these locations and objects. Respect is the foundation of everything we do and every relationship we maintain.


We are proud to contribute to the preservation of architectural beauty in combination with creating new buildings that blend in the existing environment. This requires an unconditional commitment to always opt for the most intelligent and sustainable solution when it comes to technology, materials or any other element in the process.


From the moment we are captivated by the beauty of the original architecture or landscape to the stage where we design a project in detail, everything revolves around achieving perfect harmony between contemporary beauty and the comfort of quality. The design must meet our own international standard as well as the personal expectations of the customer. This is our trademark.


The nature of our business – realizing value-added projects demands measures that can ensure the sustainability and full transparency of all our business relationships. That is why Nedport uses an Integrity Protocol with which risks of potential collaborations can be identified and analyzed, in order to act accordingly.


We are aware of the consequences of climate change and accept our responsibility as a project developer. Our sustainability ambitions are taken into account from the very beginning of the development process. We strive to developpe buildings with minimum energy usage in combination with the use of sustainable materials, a flexible future proof construction surrounded by Green systems / Greenery environments and incentives for daily reduction of CO2 emissions.

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