Nedport and/or her founding partners are involved in a variety of different projects. Over time the focus and expertise has been concentrated on Housing and Resort projects as well as Hospitality Projects.

Hotel Bellevue, Amsterdam

A series of monumental buildings restored and re-developed into a Design Boutique hotel with 77 rooms in the center of Amsterdam. The hotel was built in a very old part of the city build on wooden poles. By designing a ‘basket’ concrete cellar under the total length of the 5 different buildings, some of them dating from the 17th century, it was possible to optimize room capacity without having to eliminate operational space.

Hotel de Compagnie Amsterdam

An intensely polluted vacant building plot in the city center. With a thorough analysis the potential risk of unforeseen environmental expenses was captured. The successful development created a prosperous mid class city hotel with a range of spacious rooms and underground food and beverages area. Due to the use of top-class materials and intelligent and flexible architectural novelties, the current operators where able to transform the hotel into a four-star corporate hotel with a restaurant and extra lavish facilities.

Savoy Hotel Amsterdam

A former police station redesigned to an up-scale boutique hotel due to high demand for hotel rooms. The target was to design a real home away from home hotel leading to a unique all-inclusive, four-star corporate hospitality location. Concentrating on the anticipated form of usage such as working space, power and digital accessibility, modern multi-media items were designed with a 24-hour open and free beverage and food access.


A prefab modular multipurpose building unit, modestly priced and all-inclusive that combines a standardized production method with contemporary design which lives up to the demands of modern urbanities. Perfectly suited for hotel rooms, office space (both long and short stay) or (both temporary and permanent) living. Developed together with its designer Elastik for the Olympics and World Championship in Brazil (not executed).

Project Ponta d’Agua – São Pedro da Aldeia RJ., Brazil

This Resort has recently been licensed and will be developed at a unique lagoon location in São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil. The surface area of the allotment is in excess of 175.000 m2 with a development area of 130.000 m2. The project overlooks the Lagoon de Araruama and will in several phases consists of 77 houses, 266 apartments, shops, restaurants, a marina and a fully serviced 4* hotel. Complemented with architectural designed landscape, sports facilities, children playground and a 120m long infinity swimming pool, the resort is situated within a comfortable compound facilitated for the fast-growing upper middle-class society of Brazil.

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Pre-development plan
(not build)

Previous to the present licensed plan in São Pedro da Aldeia, a futuristic plan was developed for this location. Due to the high cost of the underground tunnels, the plan was stopped and adjusted to the present plan.

Residential projects

Luxury standalone villa Almere, The Netherlands.
Situated on a plot of 2300 m2, the villa has a 310m2 living space with 7 rooms, 4 bathrooms, sauna and a swimming pool. The traditional building way took 1,5 year of which seven months was spend for the breathtaking roof.

Luxury standalone villa Lelystad, The Netherlands.
Overlooking a beautiful lake and situated on a plot of 1000m2, the villa has a 185m2 living space with 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms.

Standalone villa Almere, The Netherlands.
Developed in a spacious environment on plots of 1000m2 and located next to the golf course the villa has a 160m2 living space with 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms.

Apartment renovation Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In the city center, a top floor building with origin from 1876 transformed into a high-end apartment with 70m2 living space, 2 rooms and 1 bathroom.


The purchase and refurbishment of an existing house in Port Dickson, Malaysia where Bart lived next door 50 years ago. After the transformation, the house, owned by the Bebas foundation was made available for a foster home next door and where 20 boys were moved to live now.

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